Who can organize WoChiPoDa event?

Anyone can organize celebrations of WoChiPoda as long as they adhere to the core idea of children writing poetry themselves in a fun setting.

How can I organize a WoChiPoDa event?

Please refer to this document.

Will I get recognition for organizing/hostingWoChiPoDa event?

Yes. In your preparations and promotion materials, credit yourself as the organizer of the event. Also, give credit to the founder of WoChiPoDa, Gloria D. Gonsalves (children fondly call her Auntie Glo), as deemed appropriate.

Additionally, consider other ways to give your event visibility e.g. by sharing or tagging photos in social media platforms. You can write an article to be published and shared on social media platforms including WoChiPoDa’s Instagram page.

Do I have to use theme ideas as proposed by WoChiPoDa?

No. Feel free to choose other theme to replace or improvise the idea of fire/lanterns to suit the local environment and participants.

What is the age range for WoChiPoDa participation?

Children of age ten and below.

Must I be a poet or teacher to organize an event?

No. We welcome the array of creative minds involved in caring for children including parents, guardians, caretakers, etc. However, we encourage that you involve or reach out to someone with poetry skills in order to maximise the impact of your event.

What language should the written poems be?

Any language, including those listed on this website and indigenous languages.

Can I raise funds to host WoChiPoDa event?

Event organisers are requested to seek sponsorship from their networks to cover some or all expenses for the event e.g. renting venue, venue set up, poster production, stationery, hospitality, etc. Consequently, any monetary agreement made is a sole responsibility of the organizer and the potential donor alone.

Kindly note that WoChiPoDa is a non-profit initiative. We do not fund events however will contribute where we can.

Is WoChiPoDa important for child development?

Yes. Poetry can contribute to relevant skills of reading and writing.

How does WoChiPoDa contribute towards global goals?

Poetry as one of the literature genres has the potential to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education. WoChiPoDa as an initiative is one potential tool to contribute towards this global goal. Because poetry can be a valuable tool in enhancing speaking, listening and communication. By organizing and/or participating in WoChiPoDa events, you are a child education ambassador.